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The Notifier Pearl Fire Alarm System

The Notifier Pearl Fire Alarm System with Type B Dependency, the perfect solution for Flats and HMO’s

Pearl lies at the heart of a fire alarm system designed to combat false alarms once and for all, even in conventionally difficult to protect environments.

The Pearl’s advanced programming features are designed to engineer out false alarms by utilizing intelligent detection and programming options.

Need a wireless option? 

The new wireless Agile range of detectors, call points and sounders from Notifier is fully compatible with the Pearl control panel.

What is type B dependency?

Type B dependency allows a zone to be defined for each individual flat that acts as if it were a separate system. On receipt of an unconfirmed fire signal from a flat, for example, only the local alarm within the flat is given.

If the alarm is confirmed by a second signal the system proceeds to the relevant evacuation stage (general alarm or part of staged evacuation). Alternatively, if the confirmation signal is not given the system may reset automatically without attendance by the warden or maintenance engineer. A confirmation signal may be given by; a second device in the same zone, a second signal from the same device (either after a certain time or from a different sensor within a multi-criteria detector), or a manual confirmation e.g. from a call point.

This scenario enables a single integrated fire detection and alarm system to be used where traditionally the risk of disruption from false alarms has outweighed the benefits. It also eliminates the need for the system to be manually reset once the nuisance smoke has cleared.

The Notifier Pearl Fire Alarm System

Why choose us?

PLP Fire Protection is an authorised Distributor and Specialist of Notifier by Honeywell with access to the latest technical support, software, training and full product catalogue 

We are also BAFE Certificated in design, Installation, commissioning and maintenance (SP203-1) of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems 

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