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Whether you have water ingress, or concerns after a storm, a drone is a quick, safe and efficient way of identifying a potential problem.

What do we do?

  • Smoke Vent hatches and vent (operation and inspections)
  • Smoke Vent mechanical extract fan inspections
  • Chimney inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Condition reports
  • Storm damage assessments
  • Gutter assessments

Originally born out of smoke vent inspections where vents that cannot be reached internally have been damaged due to heavy winds, water ingress or where vents cannot be checked internally for correct operation, it then become apparent that we can offer further assistance to property managers with the same technology and equipment.

High-level inspections and surveys using the drone prevents putting people at risk and can save you money on access equipment.

Our drone allows us to quickly and easily take photos or videos of a chimney, for example, on a roof which can be one of the hardest places to reach without specialist access equipment and without putting people in harms way.

Using access equipment can be costly, for a snap shot or for high quality photos, the drone is the way forward.

This is a powerful way of giving you the information on properties that you’re responsible for, help you plan for stock condition and maintenance and get valuable information to plan.

Our drone operators are all surveyors that have experience and building knowledge who will understand what you’re looking for and capture the data that’s required.

Quick, safe and cost effective surveys carried out in order to assess any defects or damage to the roof area giving the property manager access to high-resolution HDR images & HD Video. 

Why Choose us?

  • Commercial PfCO commercial licences
  • Trained surveyors
  • Fully insured
  • Day and night rating
  • High-resolution HDR images & HD Video
  • Coverage throughout the South East
  • Cost effective piece of mind for Property Managers


Click here to see how a drone survey and inspection can help you.

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