Smoke Vent Systems
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Smoke Vent Systems


PLP carry out maintenance and repair work to a wide range of automatic and manual operated smoke vent systems.

Smoke vents are commonly installed in residential apartment blocks to keep escape and access routes free from smoke.

Manual Opening Vents (MOV) are activated by the operation of either a key switch or push button known as fireman’s controls.

Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) are activated via a smoke detector either connected directly to the smoke vent system or via an interfaced fire alarm system.These systems can also be manually operated via the fireman’s controls

Regular maintenance of both automatic and manual systems are paramount to reliability and performance. BS7346-1 and BS5588-1 recommends that Automatic Smoke Vents (AOV) and Manual Opening Vents (MOV) should be maintained on a six monthly Bi-annual basis to ensure correct operation.

Maintenance & Servicing of Manual Opening Vents (MOV)


  • Manual controls tested to ensure correct operation of actuators
  • The equipment is then returned to the closed position and checked
  • Control panels checked for correct operation, all power supplies, backup batteries and wiring are tested
  • Cause and effect tested
  • Rain and wind sensors tested
  • Mechanical systems, plant and fans tested
  • Safety systems and shafts checked
  • Shutdowns and interfacing between third party systems tested

Maintenance & Servicing of Automatic Opening Vents (AOV)


In addition to the checks carried out for manual opening vents, smoke detectors are operated to ensure automatic operation of the smoke vent system according to the specific cause and effect of the building.

On completion of service a certificate is issued.

Any faults identified are recorded in the on-site logbook, work sheet and reported to the responsible person.

It is a legal requirement to ensure regular maintenance of life safety systems are carried out, this is enforced under the Fire Safety order.