Notifier’s New Pearl Fire System – Combating False Alarms

Notifier’s New Pearl Fire System – Combating False Alarms

By In News On 14th April 2014

Notifier Pearl
Introducing Notifier’s new Pearl fire system. At the heart of the ultimate false alarm immunity system!

Crucially, a Pearl system is designed to combat false alarms once and for all, even in conventionally difficult to protect environments.

In London alone, a fire engine is called once every 12 minutes to a false alarm, at a cost of £34 million every year. In 2011, throughout the country, there were nearly a quarter of a million false alarms.

The Pearl is Notifier’s answer to beating false alarms!!

The powerful false alarm advance programming of the pearl system is perfect for Flats, Student Accommodation, Sheltered Housing, and Apartment Blocks. All these have unique changes in protecting residents and avoiding nuisance false alarms.

Watch the following video which explains how Type B Dependency works on Notifier’s Pearl System

The Pearl system drives Notifier’s extensive range of intelligent detectors, advanced detection products, input and output devices, repeaters and mimic drivers. This allows you to fit the best detection technology without sacrificing the ability to adapt your system in the future. The Pearl also uses sub-addressing to maximise the potential benefits of multi-sensors and interfaces.

System Features

  • Large, clear display with guidance via help button in managing fire events
  • 1 or 2 loop models available
  • 318 devices per loop (159 detectors plus 159 modules)
  • 64 zones of fire detection with LED indication per zone
  • 2 programmable outputs – monitored for open and short circuits
  • 2 programmable inputs
  • 4 soft keys programmable to the needs of the user
  • Advanced Cause and Effect programming
  • Cable entry through punched holes – no need to knock out blanks
  • Custom logo on quiescent screen
  • Day/Night mode configurable for site specific requirements
  • Class change facilities
  • Loop auto-learn function
  • Backlit buttons and on screen help for user guidance
  • CPD approved by LPCB (BRE)
  • 6 line text repeater available for event control

Pearl for Offices

Today, businesses increasingly require more flexible, modern office space which can be adapted easily to meet changing commercial needs.

Pearl gives you fire protection that’s flexible to your needs and easy for office staff to use. As well as having a broad choice of detection to balance best detection and almost complete false alarm immunity, the Pearl system has features to allow staff on site to confirm an alarm signal before evacuation. Pearl balances the need for fast fire detection and evacuation with the need for
a flexible easy to use, future proof system and all the time keeping a close eye on the budget.

PLP fully recommend the Pearl system and can supply, install, commission and program to what ever needs are required in your property.

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