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Fire Suppression Systems


What is a Fire Suppression System?

Fire Suppression Systems automatically detect, control and extinguish a fire without human intervention, these systems are commonly found in Data Centres, Server Rooms, IT Suites, Kitchens and Telecom Rooms.

PLP Fire Protection provide a bespoke service for the Design, Installation and Commissioning of Fire Suppression Systems and once installed an essential part of your Fire Suppression Systems continued operation and compliance is routine Electrical and Mechanical servicing.

PLP Fire Protection provide cost effective compliant maintenance packages in accordance with British Standards and the Fire Safety Order.

What is a Room Integrity Test?

Room Integrity Tests are important to ensure the room you are protecting is sealed sufficiently to hold the specific gas/agent used, if there is a leak within the room it is important to know as soon as possible as a leak will affect the effectiveness of the suppression system and in its worst case will not extinguish the fire.

PLP Fire Protection carry out integrity testing to the protected room and provide certification on completion in conjunction with your fire suppression maintenance.

Types of systems we look after:


  • Chemical Suppression Systems e.g. FM200 Novec1230
  • Gas Suppression Systems e.g. Proinert, Inergen
  • Carbon Dioxide Systems (C02)
  • ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Other services include:


  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing (10 Year)
  • Refilling
  • Service Replacements

Many systems are either activated or monitored by a fire alarm system, our knowledge and experience of fire alarm systems enables us to offer you combined fire alarm and fire suppression maintenance packages at competitive rates.

For cost effective compliant Fire Suppression Maintenance, contact us today