Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance


PLP offer fully comprehensive fire extinguisher servicing for all types of businesses.

Our fully trained and competent Technicians hold BAFE/BFC certification and, will service your extinguishers in accordance with BS5306-3:2009.

This service is backed up by our annual maintenance agreement.

PLP can also advise you on BS5306-8 2012. This Standard covers:

  • The type of extinguisher required for specific locations.
  • The siting of extinguishers.
  • The mounting of extinguishers.


When a fire starts in an occupied building, fire extinguishes are normally your first line of defense. If your extinguishers are not correctly serviced and consequently fail to operate when a small fire is reported, how will that fire be contained?

It is also important to remember fire extinguishers work using high pressures. Any external or internal corrosion creates a serious risk to the user when the extinguisher is operated.

It is a legal requirement to keep your extinguishers serviced in accordance with BS5306-3:2009. Are you willing to risk prosecution or worse still, a ruined business inflicted by a small fire that could have been contained?


Commissioning of new extinguishers must be carried out immediately following the removal from its packaging.

Basic service

Basic service must be carried out at least once a year. It involves checking for damage, corrosion and partial or complete discharge.

Extended service

Extended service must be carried out at five yearly intervals (excluding CO2 and primary sealed powder extinguishers). It involves the discharge, checking for damage/corrosion and refill of the appliance.


An overhaul service only applies to CO2 extinguishers. The extinguisher is returned to the manufacture for discharge testing and valve replacement.

PLP Fire Protection are able to offer extremely competitive rates for all types of extinguisher servicing and sales.